Théo Jouvin

Hey, I'm Théo.

I’m currently studying Computer Science and Business Administration.
I’m interested in Web Services; design, development, networking, hosting, etc.

On my website, you can access more information about me, view my portfolio of website designs, old photo and video work, educational work, and projects, or connect with me on social media!

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Théo Jouvin

Web Design

I’ve always been into technology and computers — when I was seven years old, my dad created a blog for me to post and experiment on. Since then, I’ve designed many websites for myself and others, always learning, and loving every second of it.

Today, I have experience with design languages; HTML and CSS
As well as Web Software; WordPress CMS, XenForo, cPanel&WHM, and WHMCS.

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Video Editing & Cinematography

Filmmaking has always been a hobby of mine, even from a very young age. I’ve always gravitated more towards production (behind the camera), and post production, hence my interest in video editing and cinematography.

I have taken film courses, joined clubs, and traveled for conventions. However, I have now decided to dedicate most of my time to the world of websites and the internet.

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Being involved with film and cinematography over the years I have learned all about cameras and shooting techniques that can also be translated over to photography.

From time to time, I enjoy going out and taking pictures. I really like macro and portrait photography.

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I am currently studying Computer Science and Business Administration.

Throughout middle school and most of high school, my main focus was film. Junior year, I started taking classes for computer science, as I was growing an interest in programming and development.

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Over the years, I have ventured into different fields with my hobbies. Since 2012, I have founded and managed multi-player game communities, introducing myself to the world of java add-on configurations, online web stores, and community management.

In 2016, I had the opportunity to create a YouTube channel that was able to achieve thousands of subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views.

I have dipped my feet into the world of web and dedicated server hosting and reselling, SEO and marketing, and other aspects of business.

Most recently, I co-founded a network that manages online sport communities.

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